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  • The armscor 22tcm9r round matches the length of a 9mm cartridge, allowing it to feed and function properly in supported 9mm firearms.This cartridge gives you the ability to fire.22 caliber bullets at...
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Reloading. Bullets. 17 Caliber (.172) 20 Caliber (.204) 22 Caliber (.223-.224) ... Armscor 9mm Ammunition ARM50444 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket Case of 1200 Rounds ...
Match-grade 9mm ammunition is a different subject we will address in a future article. A few loads that would be used for self-defense were included, though they were a minority. Thirty-eight factory loads were tested, ranging from 90 to 147 grains. These are only a fraction of 9mm loads available.
Armscor Precision 9 mm 115 gr. FMJ 200 rnd ROCK PACK Armscor Small Arms Ammunition line is a very good and reliable ammo for training and general use. Manufactured at their state of the art facility in the Phillipines, they produce ammunition for many countries throughout the world. May 09, 2015 · This is a HOT round and not for the beginning reloader, so if you've never reloaded before, I think you should get a couple thousand 45 and 9mm under your belt before you attempt this one. 2.) ALWAYS work up your own load from a safe starting point, do not jump to what "someone else" uses.
Then you have to do your part and I'd say a good 90 percent of you can't. If you used generic ammo like Armscor maybe your groups would open up to 3 inches at 25 yards. Personally I'd take three inches at 25 yards cuz I'm no bullseye shooter. Lighten up and have fun at the range, just don't practice bad habits when you plink.
Armscor 9mm 115gr FMJ Ammunition 50rds Deal. USA --( State Armory has a great sale on Armscor 9mm 115gr FMJ Ammunition at 50 round packs for $7.99. That is $0.158 each a round.
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Armscor 1911 10 Round Magazine 9mm Luger Metal Construction Blued Finish Armscor 1911 10 Round Magazine 9mm Luger Metal Con... Our Low Price $25.31 Your Security is Our Priority
Open up the load data page you wish to download. Right click on the image of the load data and use save as. You can also click on the image and a pdf version will open in a new window.
9mm Luger 38 Special 40 S&W 45 ACP Reloading Supplies Midwest Powders Reloading Pistol Powder Reloading Rifle Powder Reloading Shotshell Powder LOS Bullets LOS Pistol Bullets 9mm / 380 Auto (.355 - .356) 38 Cal (.357 - .358) 40 Cal / 10mm (.400 - .401) 45 Cal (.451 - .454) LOS Rifle Bullets 22 Cal (.222 - .227)
Jan 26, 2017 · His came with both 9mm and 22 TCM barrels. I believe it's similar, ballistically, to the FN 5.7, but, in my opinion a 1911 pistol frame simply looks better than the FN 5.7. He was reloading his ammo, so dies, loads and materials were already available then.
Armscor Rock Island, 45ACP, 5" Barrel, Steel Frame, Parkerized Finish, Wood & Rubber Grips, 1 Magazine, 8 Rounds 51421 $ 425.92
Based on the 5.56×45mm NATO case and shortened so that the shoulder is at approximately the same length as a .38 Super cartridge, the .22 TCM is somewhat longer than the ubiquitous 9×19mm Parabellum and designed to be fired from a RIA line of firearms (which also included 9mm barrel swaps) fed by Para-Ordnance-style double-column .38 Super magazines. Feb 17, 2015 · The round is designed to be compatible with non-1911(will work with Armscor 1911) pistols and so it is slightly shorter than the 22 TCM and matches the 9mm Luger/Parabellum in length. Armscor will be launching the new round with conversion kits for Glock G17 and G22 Gen1, 2 and 3 pistols. From a Glock the round will hit 1900-2000 fps! armscor ammo 223 remington 55gr fmj value pack 100bx 12cs
Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Accurate - Nitro 100 NF: 115 gr. 1.100 in. 2.8 gr. 3.4 gr.
10mm Reloading Brass; 32 Brass; 357 Magnum; 357 SIG; 38 Special; 38 Super; 380 Auto; 40 S&W; 41 Magnum; 44 Magnum; 44 Special; 45 ACP Brass; 45 Colt; 50 AE; 500 S&W Magnum/Special; 7.62 Russian Nagant; 9mm Brass Luger
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  • 9mm Luger 38 Special 40 S&W 45 ACP Reloading Supplies Midwest Powders Reloading Pistol Powder Reloading Rifle Powder Reloading Shotshell Powder LOS Bullets LOS Pistol Bullets 9mm / 380 Auto (.355 - .356) 38 Cal (.357 - .358) 40 Cal / 10mm (.400 - .401) 45 Cal (.451 - .454) LOS Rifle Bullets 22 Cal (.222 - .227)
    Looking to purchase superior plated bullets > superior pistol > 9mm products from Berry's Manufacturing. Top quality manufacturer offering superior plated bullets > superior pistol > 9mm for sale.
  • Buy the in stock - PPU - Armscor 9mm 124gr CC Handgun Ammunition 50pk - SKU: HHA9CC from PPU sold by the best firearms store in Australia - Safari Firearms
    Whether you are training, competing, or just shooting recreationally, Armscor is an excellent choice for high volume shooting. You will get a excellent quality with precise and dependable performance at a great price.

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  • The full line-up of in-stock Armscor Ammo for sale today at --- A huge in-stock selection of bulk rounds with fast shipping at cheap prices! ... 9mm .355" Dia Armscor 115gr. FMJ Bullets. $199.00. $0.10/ppr ... nice bullets just wish it came with reloading data . Ronald Provencher on 2000pcs - 9mm .356" Dia Armscor 124gr. FMJ ...
    The Armscor Precision reloading components line is manufactured in the Philippines. Armscor provides you with a wide selection of components which are competitively price and quality produced. Armscor is an ISO 9001 certified company which complies with SAAMI and CIP standards and requirements.
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 Aug 13, 2011 · Another bummer was that the Armscor ranges in my area do not demo the 9mm kit. I need to schedule it with their main branch w/c is a bit far away from my usual drive. I usually go to the main branch for level 3 IPSC competitive matches, so that is pretty rare. Wish it wasn't so darn far.
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 I am looking for your 9x19 Pet loads pushing a 115 grain plated round nose bullet using HP38/231. I am looking for a mid range plinking/target load, not full power loads.
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 Armscor carries a wide array of calibers in pistol, rimfire and rifle ammunition, ideal for all consumers’ needs and wants, including this 40 S&W ammo. All Amrscor ammunition is designed using only the highest quality components and put through grueling tests to ensure a quality performance for all end users.
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 Armscor FAC94 Pistol 9mm Luger 124 GR Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 50 Bx/ 20 Cs ARMSCOR USA ammunition line is made in the USA. The Company offers a wide selection of competitively priced ammunition and components with sales spread throughout the world. Armscor is celebrating 30 years of bringing innovative firearms and accessories to the U.S at great prices. Reloading everything deliver armscor brass that are affordable and solid as a rock.
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 Shop at Reloading Everything for Armscor bullets at low prices. Armscor bullets are known for precise tolerances, where each load is built for accuracy.Downloadable Brochures Downloadable Load Data Brochures Downloadable Manuals: Ammunition. ... Armscor 9mm 124gr FMJ Bullet (2000/case) Item #: 84452251C: Check for Availability: $168.45: Armscor 9mm 115gr FMJ Bullets (2000/case) Item #: 84452253C: Check for Availability: $165.25:
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 Specifications. SKU: FAC22TCM1N: Manufacturer: Armscor: Caliber: 22 TCM: Bullet Profile: Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Bullet Weight: 40 Gr: Casing Type: Nickel and/or ... May 29, 2017 · As a beginner reloader, I'm looking for Titegroup load data for 9mm for 115 grains FMJ. It's the cheapest and most available powder for 9mm in my area. I'll be firing it through either the Glock 19 or 43. It's for practice, not for competition. However Hodgden's official website only has data...
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 Armscor ammo is dedicated to manufacturing high quality firearms and ammunition. Through a combination of precision investment casting using ordnance steel, the exacting accuracy of Computerized Numerical Control, and their own unique craftsmanship, Armscor Ammunition has developed and maintained their reputation for a quality product. The Armscor 9mm 124 Gr FMJ ball ammo, very reliable ammo in my opinion for target practice or for any shooting sports. I want say thank you Armscor for sendi...
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 Armscor 9mm 124 Grain FMJ-RN projectiles, 100 Count (15822): Pistol Bullets Happy Holidays ! Please note we are closed Dec 24-27 in observance of the Christmas Holiday ! “Ten bullets through one hole” is the philosophy that brought Hornady® from a two-man operation in 1949, to a world-leading innovator of bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture today.
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 .30 Cal. BULLETS + 300AAC BRASS 500cnt. Each - Armscor 147gr FMJ-BT Bullets + New Unprimed BRASS *FREE USPS SHIPPING
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    Specifications. SKU: FAC22TCM1N: Manufacturer: Armscor: Caliber: 22 TCM: Bullet Profile: Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Bullet Weight: 40 Gr: Casing Type: Nickel and/or ...
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    Jul 19, 2016 · Reloading the 9mm Luger is an easy process, but there are a few useful techniques for getting the most out of your 9mm loads. In the gun world, debates rage on for decades, and some are pushing a century. Undoubtedly, these debates aren’t going anywhere soon, but some get especially heated. 9mm Luger Ammo The 9×19mm Parabellum (abbreviated 9mm, 9mmP, 9×19mm or 9×19) cartridge was designed by Georg Luger and introduced in 1902 by the German weapons manufacturer Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) for their Luger semi-automatic pistol.
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    armscor 9mm 115gr fmj 1000rds case armscor 9mm ammo armscor 9mm 115gr 1000rd case ammo armscor 9mm 115gr fmj 100rds armscor 9mm ammo armscor 9mm 115gr 1000rd ammo only shipping to the lower 48 states and only those where we can legally be shipped***this ammo is factory new in the box new stock, in stock and ready to ship*** Reloading Presses Shellholders & Shellplates ... PISTOL SHOOTING DYANMICS AMMO 9MM LUGER 115GR FMJ. FIOCCHI AMMUNITION (In Stock) 5.0 (12) MATCH AMMO 6.5MM CREEDMOOR ...
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    armscor ammo 300 aac 147g fmj value pack 100bx 12csThe full line-up of in-stock Armscor Ammo for sale today at --- A huge in-stock selection of bulk rounds with fast shipping at cheap prices! ... 9mm .355" Dia Armscor 115gr. FMJ Bullets. $199.00. $0.10/ppr ... nice bullets just wish it came with reloading data . Ronald Provencher on 2000pcs - 9mm .356" Dia Armscor 124gr. FMJ ...
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  • Jul 31, 2015 · I also asked the heavy bullet makers for load data, and Black and Blue Bullets responded with a load they used in a revolver: 2.6 to 2.7 grains of Vihtavuori N310 loaded to 1.250" or shorter. Note that 1.250" is much longer than the 9mm Luger's maximum overall length of 1.169". None of the other heavy bullet makers I asked had load data. Reloading Components; Projectiles (Bullet Heads) ... Armscor Precision 9mm (.355) 124gr FMJ Bullets - 1000 Count; Current Top Sellers. Armscor 22 WMR 40gr JHP - 50 ...